The best apps for vehicle owners

Smart phones and tablets are changing the way that we interact with the world and there is now a great collection of applications for both Android and iPhone that can help provide a better driving experience.

Android vs iPhone for driving apps

There are so many Android vs iOS discussions online and most of it comes down to personal preference. Below are some links to articles that might help you with your decision. Both operating systems ensure that the available driving apps run smoothly and the handsets available for either OS provide enough grunt for the applications we tested.

Android vs iOS operating systems – www.digitaltrends.com

Google Play Store vs Apple itunes store – www.venturebeat.com

Comparison of the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone5 – ibtimes.com

Phone apps for drivers

Car maintenance apps

There are a number of really good iPhone and Android apps to help you keep your vehicle well maintained. The following apps are our favourites on each OS. Follow the links below to get more info or download any of the apps.

Check out this Youtube vid for the coolest car app ever! It’s not real but it’s still well worth a watch.

What if you don’t keep your car well maintained?

A poorly maintained vehicle is more likely to develop problems over time than a vehicle that has had regular maintenance. If you’re having issues with your car, the first thing to do is to book it in with a mechanic for a checkup. They will let you know if it needs any repairs or if the problem is too serious to fix.

If you’ve really abused the car, you may have some irreversible damage like a blow head gasket. If this situation, it might be best to contact car wreckers to sell the vehicle. Your best option at this stage, as far as apps go, is to use Google Maps or the Google Plus app (iOS link and Android link) to find a local mechanic. Click the link for cash for cars Wellington if you’re needing that service in New Zealand. For anyone in Sydney Australia, you can get cash for your car through PC4C. Rapid car removal Melbourne are

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